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Client Testimonials

“At first, I was nervous to try this style of photography. I had never done anything like this before, and the last time I had taken any professional photos was for my wedding! However, Leslie is super flexible and made sure I was comfortable. I got to choose which outfits and how much skin I wanted to show. I had so much fun during the shoot, and Leslie did a great job bringing out my genuine smiles and expressions, and not just the face I put on for the camera! She is fantastic with direction and gave me lots of compliments to feel confident about my poses and time in front of the camera. I loved being able to preview my photos on the same day they were taken as well! It was very empowering to see the results. I’ll admit, I’m the most insecure about the lower half of my body, and yet she took the photos in a way that made it look awesome and sexy. I had no idea how beautiful my body looked, and she helped capture that! If you’re looking for someone professional, very kind, and who will help you find your confidence during your shoot, I definitely recommend Leslie!”

Client: Rae S. 

“I had so much fun today! I can’t believe how much fun I had, I did not expect to be as comfortable as I was, but I had done my research and I realized that you were the one for me. And it exceeded my expectations and I think my boyfriend is happy with everything, I’m happy with everything, and I can’t believe they turned out so good! And I can’t wait to see the finished product!”

Client: Janie P.

“Thank you again to you and Bianca for this entire modeling experience. It was something very new to me and I was just really happy with how everything turned out, when you showed me the photos afterward I really couldn’t believe that it was me in those photos and any concerns I had beforehand were immediately banished as you were walking me though everything and just making me feel really comfortable. You are both very nice and this was an amazing experience! I honestly didn’t think you two could surpass my already exceedingly high expectations but somehow you managed!! 10 out of 10 would recommend!”

Client: Anni G.

“Where do I begin? I had a shoot with Leslie 2/18/18, I wanted to do an empowerment photo shoot! Leslie came up with the idea of Old Town Alexandria, she said there’s plenty of beautiful areas to shoot. So, I got all glammed up and meet up with her! The photos came out amazing and Leslie made me feel extremely comfortable during the whole thing! She kept on giving me confidence boosters and told me to have fun with it! Which we definitely did, and I cannot wait to shoot with her again! hire her! You won’t be sorry!”

Client: Maggie M.