Here’s to you, the reader!

Lessons learned from daycare.

Hello friends, 

How often are you so mad, upset, frustrated (add your adjective) by a situation (or person) in the moment, then as time passes and you have already reacted (possibly poorly) does it no longer seem like the glaring mess of wailing sirens and burning buildings that it did at the time. 

I know it happens to me frequently, though I try to limit (to some extent) the outward show of anxiety. But when I don’t have that control, or I feel things spiraling, like: the house is a wreck; Liam just threw a toy at me (again); I have no clue what to write for my next email/blog post; I’m feeling guilt for wanting to work during family time (or vice versa), I can get down right snappy… 

And unfortunately it is those closest (and safest) to me that get the real brunt of it.. (sorry!) 

It’s been an almost 14-year running joke in our house that if mommy (me) is stressed or snappy, just shove a cheeseburger in her (my) mouth (LOL)

All that to say… I think we all need to do like the turtles do. 

Wait, Leslie, you lost me… what do turtles have to do with frustrated adult (or pint sized toddler) temper tantrums!? 

Dear one, they just may have the perfect solution. I will explain below. 

I was dropping Liam off at daycare, maybe about a month ago now.. And hanging up on the wall was a little cartoon poster reading ‘Turtle Technique’ that made me stop in my tracks, because I love turtles (and frogs, and most living creatures). 

And as I stood there reading this sign it truly resonated with me and I hope you find some value either in your own lives or as a teaching aid to the littles in your life. 

The Turtle Technique consists of four small, but mighty parts: 

1. Recognize you feel angry 

     2. “Think” Stop. 

     3. Go into your shell. Take 3 deep breaths. And think calm, coping thoughts. 

     4. Come out of shell when calm and thinking of a solution.

Brilliant! What a visual way to remind yourself (or your little love) of the importance of feeling though tough emotions and giving yourself a time out, to step away from the situation and cool down before reacting. 

What would the world look like if we all went in our shells more often? What amazing, innovative solutions might we bring back out into the world. Wouldn’t that be so much better not only to ourselves, our blood pressure, our families, but to the world as a whole. 

Today, I invite you to channel your inner turtle, and when a situation arises that pushes a bit too far, instead of pushing back simply retreat into your shell for three simple breaths of calming self-care. 

I would like to leave you today with a question. 

Please take a few moments to go into your shell, get quiet, and think this one over. 


What is your payoff for NOT leaving a painful situation? 

Well, that’s all I have for you today. 

Have a turtley great day and don’t stress the small stuff!

Here’s to you, the reader!

Who is your family histographer?

Shirley (Myers) and Glenn Thoman school portraits (My maternal grandparents)

If your phone or hard drive died right now, how many of your precious moments would be safe? If you are like a lot of us, myself included, you rely A LOT on the cloud and hard drives to store your family legacy. 

But how often do you actually go back to these photos? Does your computer still have a floppy drive, CD drive, USB port? The truth of it is that as technology continues to advance it is impossible to know how best to archive and keep your images safe and accessible in their digital form. 

For example, I have an original print of my grandfathers high school senior  portrait sitting on my shelf, but who knows if the negative has survived though all of these years. 

I cannot tell you how much joy it gives me to look back on this image and the suitcase full nearly 100 years of family history that we found after my Papa passed away. If someone had not made the conscious decision to have these prints made years ago I would have no visual knowledge of many of my ancestors and how they lived.

I would hate to have that happen to you, your children, or your grandchildren. 

Therefore I challenge you to the 12-month Print Challenge! 

Every month I invite you to choose 5 photos that are meaningful to you off of your phone, cloud, or dusty hard drives to print and cherish. 

No explanations or image post needed just start curating your family legacy offline and have fun looking back though all the photos you’ve taken over the years. 

Let us share ourselves with generation after us (and social media) 

Are you getting overwhelmed by the thought of wading into the sea of digital images you’ve collected over the years? 

This photo was purely captioned mother and father. And not knowing exactly who they are does not make me any less happy to have access to these photographs, because somehow, without these people I would not be here right now.

I would like to offer my services as an objective third party viewer to help choose your images monthly, and if you’d like, professionally print those photos on high quality archival paper and surprise you each month! 

I hope you decide to become the histographer of your family by starting the tradition of printing and saving your images for future generations to look back on and remember their family history. 


Just reply ‘YES PLEASE’ to this post or email me and we can discuss more details!

Here’s to you, the reader!

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for you!

Hello Lovely,

I hope this email finds you well on your way to celebrating Thanksgiving with good food and your loved ones!

As we speak I am in a car headed to Nashville, TN with my parents, husband, and little one. We are going to see my uncle and cousins (26 of us total (15 kids) it is sure to be a fun and slightly chaotic week for us and I am so thankful that we were able to make the trip!

I am also very thankful for you and the support you have shown me and my photography business over the time I’ve known you!

Just for that I wanted to give you a special notice about a few new projects I am rolling out in 2020!

The first is my first annual ‘Empowered Women of Northern Virginia’ CHARITY PORTRAIT BOOK Project.

You can read more at the link above but the short of it is that I am looking for 10 lovely ladies to donate their $300 session fee to supply a years’ worth of hay to Warhorses for Heroes, a Veteran’s PTSD charity that provides equine therapy to soldiers in need.

The second? Rooted in Beauty Photography will now be available for PORTRAIT PARTIES!

In case you’ve never heard of such a thing, this is where you, as the party host, would pick a venue (hotel, community sender, park, your home, etc.) and invite a minimum of 5 (max. Of 12) friends to come socialize and receive 15-20 minutes of professional photography! The cost, each of your guests would pay $87 to secure their session time and to receive their resulting hi-res digitals. As a host, you will receive a FREE full session with me ($300 value) as well as a $50 print credit for every guest that gets photographed your party! It a win-win for everyone!

Well that’s all the news I have for now, please reach out to me with any questions or just to say hi! I read and respond to all my email!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Smiling,


Oh, I almost forgot I completely revamped my website. If you have a moment could you go take a look and give me some feedback. Thanks!