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Our Mission:

Rooted in Beauty Photography hopes to cultivate a cultural shift from emphasizing outward beauty to embracing inner beauty and the perfect imperfections. It is my hope that with each woman I photograph I leave her in a position of empowerment and strength to continue her journey of self love and acceptance and with her new found perspective positively influence her family and children to be kinder with both themselves and others who might seem ‘different’. Thus changing the world.

I'm just not photogenic... I hate how I look in photos...

If you have ever muttered some version of these statements, you are in the right place!

What are your pain points today?

Take a look at the compiled list down below.

Every one of these are statements that I have personally said or that I have heard on repeat every time I am around other women, especially moms.

As a new mom myself I understand the stress, anxiety, and sheer body and reality altering chaos that can follow. It is natural to feel all the feelings and even more important to embrace and celebrate your perfect imperfections and all of your tiger stripe, because YOU EARNED EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! They showed that you fought and that you WON the day!

Take a moment and see if any of these statements resonate with you personally, and I would love to add any of your pain points that aren't currently here!

  • I hate having my photo taken.. its the worst!
  • I avoid looking at myself in the mirror..
  • I feel lost, who am I since I became 'Mom?'
  • I wish I had more photos with my family and friends...
  • I would love to feel confident and beautiful in my own skin!
  • I just want to feel sexy again...
  • I worry that my children are mirroring my negative feelings about my body!
  • I want to be the happy, confident mom and be present in making memories that last!
  • I’m in that photo, see I’m way… back there…

Do any of these sound familiar?

Yes, we imagine so, and it was exactly the same with the women we have photographed as well.

We would really love the opportunity to help you see yourself in a whole new light and teach you some easy posing tricks that will flatter your body type in photos. We will show you that you are indeed photogenic and beautiful just as you are.

“I cannot turn you into someone you are not, but I can make you look great just the way you are! Because you are enough!”

Get ready to take a step closer on your journey to self-love and acceptance, You've already come so far!

Your Transformation...

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