Family portrait take at Occoquan, VA.

Hello, my name is Leslie Arakelian!

I am a mother, military spouse, and photographer (usually in that order..) I started my business in February 2019 when my son was only 4-months old. (why not have a baby and business both in diapers lol).

And I have a passion for helping women feel more comfortable in their own skin!

Our Mission:

Rooted in Beauty Photography hopes to cultivate a cultural shift from emphasizing outward beauty to embracing inner beauty and the perfect imperfections. It is my hope that with each woman I photograph I leave her in a position of empowerment and strength to continue her journey of self love and acceptance and with her new found perspective positively influence her family and children to be kinder with both themselves and others who might seem ‘different’. Thus changing the world.

I am a women’s portrait photography practice in Alexandria, VA that focuses on helping women to show up as their best self in their portraits AND in their everyday lives by removing their negative internal filters so they can finally see themselves and be seen by others without fear.

I really enjoy interacting with women on a one to one level and digging into who they are, and patiently listening to what they may need to unload without always needing to say a word in return. Most people feel very comfortable opening up and being vulnerable with me which is invaluable with this type of photography.

This level of trust and understanding is the foundation to building lasting relationships that spread well past client-service provider and yield heirloom printed imagery that will thrill you and cement your legacy with the countless generations that follow you. I look forward to chatting with you more about my services and how we can tailor your photo session to your unique needs and vision!

Rooted in Beauty Photography leads on quality – quality of service, quality of experience, and quality of the deliverables offered to our clients. We have a relentless obsession with delivering the highest quality hands-on involvement and support available. We strive not to just be your photographer, but to become your friend, confidant, and biggest cheerleader. Rooted in Beauty caters to women – especially those that are feeling weighed down by all the unrealistic beauty standards and negative internal dialogue.

As a new mama myself, I hope to help other mamas reconnect to the woman they were before they became ‘Mom.’ And specifically to help them redefine their lives and increase their body positivity and self love by showing them the person their best friend and the world already sees every single day without any external or internal negative filters.

And in turn help them to teach their children the same body positive lesson.

Because our little loves are ALWAYS watching us!

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