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Project confidence & sensuality

Hello Lovely Lady!

Sensuality is in a woman’s attitude and her ability to enjoy herself and her body. It all begins with focusing on the unique body parts each woman loves and addressing her fears and doubts, which earns trust. If this can be accomplished, there is no limit to the stunning images we can achieve! Below are a few tips on projecting confidence (Even if you have to fake it ‘til you make it!).

Projecting Confidence

Faking confidence begins with relaxed breathing, set shoulders, and a smile.

Be Confident

Step one in creating allure is to brim with confidence. In fact, confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Confidence in how you move, how you look, how you feel, and what you do. Stay focused on your positive attributes and know that you can pull off nearly anything if you do it with self-assurance.

Have Fun

Men (and women) are often attracted to women who are genuinely enjoying themselves; that quality matters more than any individual physical attributes. Have fun! Enjoy being a woman. Enjoy being admired. Be playful. Have fun while strutting around. Make sure any doubts or concerns take a backseat to having a good time. Sometimes a shortcut to having fun is simply smiling. A woman’s inner beauty radiates through her brilliant smile and the sparkle in her eyes.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Comfort with your body takes practice. Get very familiar with your body, paying particular attention to the parts you love. Practice being naked: walking around the house, posing in the mirror, admire your body from all angles, focus on the good stuff, and be grateful for the gift of your body.

Know the innate Power of Attraction

A woman’s attitude is the most important aspect of feeling and looking truly beautiful and appealing, not physical beauty. Trust that your viewer loves it all. Know that any boldness, playfulness, and enjoyment of your body will be appreciated and enjoyed.

Focus on Feeling

When a woman feels sexy, she looks sexy. Make sure to focus on pleasure and feeling good. Show it in how you move and how you flirt, dress, undress, and touch yourself- even how you breath- should be guided by what feels good to you.

Take your Time

Tease! Do it slowly, and take your time in between each piece of clothing. Slower is sexier take you own sweet time with your movements and gestures making each one deliberate.


Move like you can barely contain your desire. Be playful and allow a bit of shyness to come out once in a while. Look at your viewer with a teasing glint in your eye. Let your inner good girl and naughty girl come out to play.

Keep smiling!



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Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. -Sophia Loren