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Nudity and model release forms

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I briefly mentioned the Model Release Form in the last email, besides the Boudoir Contract Agreement, this may be the most important piece of paper a photographer ever has you sign your name to, why- because this piece of paper gives the photographer your permission to use the photos from your session pretty much in any way they see fit. For example, they can use your images on their website, promotions, contests, etc… 

In most instances, you may be fine with giving this permission, but it is always a good idea to think long and hard about your comfort levels now and in the future and what types of images may result from your shoot. Boudoir sessions can be extremely modest to very intimate- and there may be actual or implied nudity involved. 

It is your job to address concerns and voice your comfort levels, especially if you have a hard line that you do not want to cross, please make your photographer aware of it prior to the shoot and get it in writing to spell out exactly what, how, and how much of the specific body part is being seen in photographs. For example, you are comfortable with taking an implied nudity white sheet look, however you do not want to have nipples visible in the photographs. That is exactly the kind of detail a photographer should know before they pick up their camera to help avoid awkward or unsatisfactory end results.

Don’t be afraid to speak up, a good photographer will honor these requests and do everything in their power to make you feel as safe and comfortable during your shoot as they can.

Click here to download Sample Model Release Form 

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