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Misconceptions about boudoir

Hello Lovely Lady!

I would like you to think about the word Boudoir for a moment. What comes into your mind? If you’re like some in our community it brings up unseemly thoughts of exploited women being put in compromising situations, lacy lingerie and behaviors not meant to be photographed, or even something completely taboo…

This however could not be farther from the truth. 

It is my thought that boudoir is one of the best things a woman can do for herself at any stage of her life! Boudoir in its truest form is a form of celebration meant to empower women, transforming her from shy and insecure to confident and truly loving her body. 

And who doesn’t need more confidence, or look yearn to in the mirror and love what she sees no matter if life has given her stretch mark or wrinkles. Learning to love the perfect imperfections is one of the hardest, but most rewarding things we, as women can do. We are constantly being bombarded by the media with highly unrealistic photoshop’d women and told that this, this is the model we must strive towards.

I say ENOUGH! I am GOOD ENOUGH just as I am! 

I will not lie to you I struggle with a lack of confidence and there are still parts of my body that I have not yet begun to LOVE, but together I think we can help each other see ourselves how our bestest friend in the world has ALWAYS seen us, and that my friend seems like it would be the most freeing thing in the world! 

So, I invite you to keep following my emails, make up your own mind if boudoir is right for you no matter what anyone around you may think (It’s not for them, it’s for YOU!)

For now, I leave you with some homework (yeah… I know… yuck!)

So here it is, I know I peeked your interest and you may already be dreaming up ideas for your session, that’s good! I want you to keep that going, create a secret (I stress secret, trust me it’s more fun that way!) Pinterest board or cut and paste inspiration out of magazines whatever floats your boat but come up with a clear idea of what your ideal final photographs will look like and gather at least 10 photos that help define what you consider sexy. These can be outfits, locations, lighting, color schemes, anything at all! And if your comfortable send the images to me I’d love to start helping you plan your session!

Sexy to me is a woman who owns who she is, feels comfortable in her own skin, and celebrates herself with freedom and openness!

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Keep smiling!



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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. -Marilyn Monroe