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“I cannot turn you into someone you are not, but I can make you look great just the way you are! Because you are enough!”

Rooted in Beauty Photography is built on the philosophy that every woman is worth celebrating, being pampering, and discovering the confidence needed to fully love themselves! My mission is to tell the story of each woman who steps in front of my camera in a way that captures her internal beauty while also celebrating the perfect imperfection that make her completely unique. Resulting in a fully tailored photo session and a daily photographic reminder that she is beautiful, strong, loved, and that she is enough just as she is!

Why I do what I do…

How I do it… And for whom.

Rooted in Beauty Photography leads on quality – quality of service, quality of experience, and quality of the deliverables offered to our clients. We have a relentless obsession with delivering the highest quality hands-on involvement and support available. We strive not to just be your photographer, but to become your friend, confidant, and biggest cheerleader.

Jimena L Boudoir Session

Rooted in Beauty caters to women – especially those that are feeling weighed down by all the unrealistic beauty standards and negative internal dialogue.

As a new momma myself, I hope to help other mommas reconnect to the woman they were before they became ‘Mom.’

And specifically to help them redefine their lives and increase their body positivity and self love by showing them the person their best friend and the world already sees every single day without any external or internal negative filters.

And in turn help them to teach their children the same body positive lesson.

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Products and Services

Rae S. portrait


These session are meant to assist you in securing your personal legacy for generations to come.

Striebig Family Portraits


Speaking of generations, I strongly believe in documenting the history of your family.

Anjelika M portrait


Just as important is creating a powerful online presence online. Be it through corporate head shots, website updates, social media and dating profiles, etc.

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